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Fiction: “Kids grow so fast, it’s best to buy a life jacket they can ‘grow into."'
Fact: A poorly fitted life jacket is very dangerous. If it’s not a snug fit the child can slip out of it, or the jacket can ride up so their head isn’t above water..

There is no minimum age to operate a boat.  However the personal watercraft regulations are different and operating requirements are age specific and would apply.

Personal Watercraft Regulations

Updated Boating Safety Education Requirements

     ​  Whether you're searching for adventure trips that include physical activities or you're looking just for some relaxation, you'll find it here. Pristine rivers infested with hundreds of springs, crystal clear waters and nature at its best.       


Exploring Hidden Treasures    


Suwannee River Management offers a 24-hour automated phone line voice recording of current river levels. To reach the recording, call: (386) 362-6626  (800) 604-2272 (FL only).

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Active itineraries that  include hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, canoeing, tubing and jet skiing to more leisurely pursuits such as pontoon or houseboat rentals, photography and wildlife viewing.

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From equipment, paddling lessons or guided tours, Outfitters will work with you to design a package that suits your needs.