• Travel Plan – Someone needs to know where you are going and when you will be back. The Suwannee River has left a many boaters stranded and in need of help and to be located. Leave this travel plan on the dash of your vehicle, also print out the section of the river from your map and draw in you travel path. Check out ourTravel Plan.
  • Map: Print a map of the section of the river you will be exploring, draw you rout and leave ti with your travel plan,
  • Weather Report: Check out the weather before you leave. Obtained using Zip Code 32060.
  • Secure Your Car Keys: Don't leave your keys at the bottom of the river. Keep a spare key on you car. Put your key in a secure packet, put it on a lanyard and put it around your neck, duck tape it to your body. What ever you do just make sure it is secure. Seen to many broken car windows after canoe trips. I keep mine in my life vest like the one to the right.
  • Dry Clothes: Keep a set in a dry bag – Ziploc, garbage bag, commercial paddling dry bag.        
  • Sunscreen:  Always carry. Even in cooler weather you can get burned from wind and water reflections.
  • Fluids: Water, sport drink – you can and will dehydrate in the middle of the river – other drinks are fine but nothing beats H20.
  • Sustenance: Food – snacks – the motor for your boat is you and that motor needs fuel- indulge yourself.
  • Rain Gear: Scattered showers are a reality – temperatures can easily drop 30+ degrees – garbage bags make a great poncho. The Frogg Toggs to the left will withstand the weather while you stay comfortable and dry on the inside. I love mine.with frogg toggs All Sport Wind & Rain Suit.
  • Bug Repellent: Bugs are a reality in the South – so be prepared.
  • PFD  On your BODY.
  • Emergency Items: Whistle, flashlight, first aid kit, potty paper, sharp knife.
  • Hat:  Head covering – not only to protect your noggin but to keep the glare off your face.
  • Shades: Sunglasses will make the trip much more enjoyable that SUN reflecting off the water is a real trip killer.
  • Glasses: Do you wear RX glasses or just sunglasses? Get a glasses retainer – glasses are no good on the bottom of the river, I know, got a pair down there.
  • Garbage bags: – so you can take home everything you brought with you – LEAVE NO TRACE.
  • Fire Starting Kit: – lighter, Zippo's are the best,  matches, combustibles. I keep a small plastic bottle of lighter fluid in my pack.
  • Sponge: You may need to remove water from your boat.
  • Duct tape:  Don’t paddle without it  - 10,000 uses – repair boats, paddles and makes a great emergency bandage. 
  • Cell Phones:  Real nice to have, for maps, GPS and emergencies. Cell phones, even in water proof cases don't work good on the bottom of the river and you will never find it in the tea colored water. Try what I use = look to the right.

Suwannee Adventures

Paddle Camping Check List

Remember you can only pack so much in a canoe. There are bare bones, do-it-yourself, back to nature, river campers who pack as lightly as possible. Food, shelter and water are kept to bare survival levels for these folks. Most river campers, however, fall somewhere between these two extremes.