Suwannee Adventures

     You can paddle in (walk-ins), but due to the rising popularity of these camps, reservations are strongly recommended. To make reservations at any of the river camps, call 1-800-868-9914. When reserving multiple platforms for your group, please figure on a minimum of 5 to 6 people per platform, so that our camps can provide accommodations for as many river travelers as possible.
     River camps provide a great place to stay for a self-contained river adventure. There is no public vehicle access to our river camps (you have too hike in to camp)- except for Anderson's Landing in the town of Suwannee and it has no platforms. Need more information about our river camps? Complete this travel plan before starting your paddling trip. Leave it with someone who can contact officials if an emergency should arise. Also leave a folded copy on the dash of your vehicle to help rescue personnel if a search is needed.   CLICK ON THE  CAMP THEN WHEN INFO COMES UP CLICK PICTURE ON TOP TO VIEW VIDEO.

River Camps

     Seven river camps will support multi-day river, hiking, bicycling and riding tours, allowing visitors to camp near the river at points located between the hubs. Are you planning a multi-day paddling trip on the Suwannee? Woods Ferry, Holton Creek, Dowling Park, Peacock Slough and Adams Tract river camps are open! Each river camp has 5 raised, screened sleeping platforms, hot showers and restrooms. You'll spend the night in comfort while you enjoy the Suwannee.