Suwannee Adventures

Florida’s first long-distance paddling and hiking trail sets up an incredible adventure of launching above White Springs to paddle your way more than 200 miles to the Gulf of Mexico. Numerous take-out points and overnight camping with dedicated river camps make it possible to enjoy either a weekend on the water or an epic trip.​ 

To stay in any the state parks along the route (except Lafayette Blue Springs) you should plan on tent camping, long walks from the river up to the pay station at the park entrance station and back, then long carries of all your gear from the river to the camping area and back to the river the next morning.

Suwannee River State Park has land across the river, on the north side of the Withlacoochee River.

Map of the Suwannee Wilderness Trail

River Camps

​​River camps provide a great place to stay for a self-contained river adventure. There is no public vehicle access to our river camps - except for Anderson's Landing in the town of Suwannee and the Branford location.

Five River Camps, along with countless other state parks, county parks, and private partners provide great places to stay for a self-contained river adventure.  The five river camps, Woods Ferry, Holton Creek, Dowling Park, Peacock Slough and Adams Tract river camps are open, free of charge! Each river camp has five raised, screened sleeping platforms, tent sites, hot showers and restrooms. You'll spend the night in comfort while you enjoy the Suwannee. To make reservations at any of the river camps, call 1-800-868-9914.

​River camps are accessible from the river or hiking trails only. No vehicles allowed. Outfitters can work with visitors to deliver gear, coolers and catered food to the river camps. Ask your outfitter for specific services.

I have mapped only the Wilderness Trail points that you can camp on.