Suwannee Springs Launch to Branford Park

Paddle Guide - Middle Suwannee

Springs and a lot of them along this part of the river, use our map spring to locate the springs along your trip.  In the Middle Suwannee you have 5 River Camps, 5 County Parks, 3 State Parks and the Suwannee Wilderness Trail has 7 camping stops. For me, my night is spent on a white sandy river bank.  When the water levels drops under 55 ft. at White Springs sandy beaches start to pop up everywhere.

​Up river from the Boundary Bend Boat Ramp can become a real pain. During periods of low water some areas may not be navigable, others may need some portage over exposed rocks. Extremely low water (51.6 ft. at White Springs) lots of rocks and shoals. Ellaville Shoals are real dangerous at  29.97 ft. (Ellaville reading). You would have to walk you canoe across slimy rocks with a strong current pushing over them in order to cross over the shoals. Not recommended for inexperienced paddlers due to canoe damage. 

Suwannee Adventures

If by some remote chance you happen to drop your phone in the tea colored river, you will never find it,  Protect it like I do - see below

What are those numbers in feet at White Springs I keep referring to? Find out on my Understanding water levels on the Suwannee.

On the
Paddle Guide page I explain how far you can paddle in a day and how far can you paddle in a hour. The chart below is based on a paddle time of 3 miles an hour, and is just a guide for your planning.