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11.  People with medical conditions should consult their doctor before going tubing and subjecting themselves to lengthy exposures in the hot Florida sun. River tubing is an outdoor activity that can be strenuous on certain individuals with medical conditions. Stay hydrated - drink plenty of water and follow your doctor's orders! If you need to take your medications with you, be sure and pack them in a water proof or water tight container or a zip lock bag and then secure them in a safe place so you can take them at the proper intervals as prescribed by your doctor. Before getting on the river, please inform your family members and/or friends about your medical conditions so if something should happen to you, they will be ready to take charge and act quickly in case of an emergency!

10. Attach & secure prescription eye glasses, eyewear and sunglasses to your face, head or body while tubing. Anyone wearing glasses should have a headband,  neckband or float bobber of some sort, preferably the floating type that attaches to each arm or stem of your glasses to prevent your eyeglasses from falling off your face and sinking into the river should you flip your tube over.

6.  Drink plenty of water while tubing to help prevent dehydration. 

9.   Children MUST be accompanied by an adult for tubing on the river. Life jackets / vests are recommended for all children and all non-swimmers. There are NO LIFE GUARDS ON DUTY, you will be on your own, use caution, think safety first! Parents & Guardians - you are responsible for your children... please watch your children at ALL times... 

2.   Sun Block or Sun Screen should be applied both before and during each float trip or any time you are in the sun for extended periods. It's a good idea to bring a white short sleeve T-shirt and put it on if you begin to sunburn.

1.   Water Shoes or river sandals with straps or other "secure footwear" are needed to protect your feet against sharp objects, cuts, scrapes, bruises and the rocky and often slippery river bottom while walking to and from the entry/exit points for tubing. NOTE: Flip Flops are not recommended for River Tubing as they slip and slide easily when wet or muddy and offer very little protection for your feet... they also slip off your feet easily and float away before you can retrieve them... leaving you with bare and unprotected feet!

Tubing Check List

        Ichetucknee Springs State Park.   The crystalline Ichetucknee River flows six miles through shaded hammocks and wetlands before it joins the Santa Fe River. In 1972, the head spring of the river was declared a National Natural Landmark by the U. S. Department of the Interior. From the end of May until early September, tubing down the river is the premier activity in the area.

    Ginnie Springs Outdoors is privately owned and has been in business since 1976. It is a world-renowned dive destination and campground located just outside of High Springs in Florida. Ginnie Springs receives no state or federal funding.   

      Enjoy the seven crystal-clear, freshwater springs nestled in over 200 wooded acres along the banks of the Santa Fe River in Florida. 

Do you like to connect with nature on your travels? Then there's no better way than kayaking or tubing these beautiful crystal clear waters. Tubing these days has become a more highly evolved attraction, with an array of businesses renting brightly colored tubes, as well as canoes and kayaks.  Blissfully, most of the pleasures on the river aren't so academic. Look down through the mirror-like surface of the water and you can clearly see the soft-sand bottom which is on an average of 8-feet. You can also see fish darting all around in the vegetation.

Of the Ichetucknee River or Ginnie Springs

Tube down Crystalline Rivers

Suwannee Adventures

5. Secure your cell phone. We can’t go anywhere without our cell phones these days and now you don’t have to. Water proof cases are great but if your phone goes to the bottom unbeknownst to you, it is lost. Check out the lanyard and case to the right.

8.  Do not take any valuables on the river. Place your jewelry and other valuables in a safe place! Many people have lost wedding rings and other types of rings because fingers tend to shrink after being in the cool water for a while, allowing ring(s) to slip off fingers into the river, never to be found again. We urge you to side with caution and do not wear any jewelry while tubing!

7.  Do not take your car keys, house keys, or any other keys on the river… keys don't float... locksmiths are expensive! Secure a key on your body. I have heard some people tape their key to themselves. I put my key (just need your car key) to a leather strap and keep it around my neck. Just remember, if you drop it, well, most items sink and are never found! 

4.  Wear Appropriate Clothing - important: do not wear clothing that will tangle and/or restrict your ability to swim, which could cause you to drown. Do not wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, scarves, baggy, lose or heavy clothing of any type. Make sure your arms and legs have free movement at all times while you are tubing or when you are in the water..

3. A cap, hat or visor and sunglasses will help shield your face, eyes and head from the rays of the hot Florida sun.